About the fashion by foot tours

We are not about big buses and big crowds.

We don’t do outlets and bargain bins.

What we offer is as much a cultural experience of Melbourne as it is a stylist-led shopping tour.

Uncover the best independent fashion labels Melbourne has to offer, receive personalised style advice and enjoy sparkling wine over a gourmet lunch!

This ain't no ordinary shopping tour! Find out what makes us different.

Fashion by Foot stands apart because it’s educational. It’s a walking workshop led by professional style consultants.

We talk to you about:

  • Colour

  • Shape

  • Character

  • Construction

  • Co-ordination

  • And so much more!

As you visit the different designers your guides will teach you about personal style and how to incorporate various design elements into your outfits. They are on hand to offer advice and answer your questions throughout the day.

The designers we introduce our guests to are handpicked. We select only those who are:

  • Local

  • Exceptional

  • Independent

  • Producing ethically

  • Innovative

Many of the designers we work with offer bespoke or custom made services as well – perfect if you have difficulty finding clothes that fit well or if you want something totally unique.

Dressmaking Doll with dress seen on the Fashion by Foot tour in Melbourne.

We love what we do. And here's why:



We love working with clients to help them identify their style mojo. Some people are fearful of putting together an outfit, or they just don’t know where to begin.

Spending an afternoon with two personal style specialists to advise you will boost your confidence and help you rediscover the joy of clothing (if you ever lost it!)

The more diverse the group we take out, the more fun we have! We love that everyone is different and we enjoy working with a large variety of people with different tastes, shapes and looks. Many mainstream stores only cater for a narrow audience. Fashion by Foot is for everyone.


Fashion cycles have sped up in the past decade; every week sees new ‘collections’ in shops to sate our lust for new clothes. But these come at a grave cost.

  • They wreak havoc on the environment - After oil, the fashion industry is the world’s biggest polluter.

  • Dreadful working conditions - In addition to dangerous factory conditions, many factory workers barely see their families due to long hours spent sewing cheap clothing. Make no mistake – it’s akin to modern day slavery.

  • They’re badly made - Many contemporary clothes are not made for longevity; they will never become covetable vintage pieces.


We have incredible design talent here in Melbourne and we want to sustain that. Melbourne is known as an independent fashion city and people come from all over to shop here.

While in Melbourne, we advise you skip the mega shopping malls where you just see the same old things over and over.

It’s the dedicated designers in narrow laneways or backstreet warehouses that contribute to the creative soul of our city. We marvel at what we see being created around us and want to introduce them to you. You’ll be amazed at what you can view, order or lust after. Melbourne-made is magic!


So Slow down the fast fashion frenzy by swearing off cheap, mindless purchases.

take some time to figure out what you love and what suits you.

commit to supporting Melbourne’s amazing designers by choosing quality, timeless clothing you’ll wear for years.

we’d love to help you get there.


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