Frequently asked questions


Do I have to buy something?

Not at all. This is as much a cultural and learning experience as it is a shopping tour.

I’m harder to fit than lots of people – will there be anything for me?

Yes! Many designers we visit custom make for any size or shape and most stock a larger variety of sizes than mainstream stores. And of course there are always accessories…

Are your tours suitable for all ages?

Because there is alcohol served, tours are for over 18s only, though younger ones are welcome if they bring their guardians with them. 

We visit a variety of designers, most of which are suitable for people of any age.

Will we be visiting any discount outlets?

Absolutely not! We meet creatives of calibre who produce high quality limited edition pieces.

How far do we walk?

There is not much walking between each place. We walk close to 1.5km over four hours. If you are concerned please contact us so we can give you specific details as each tour is slightly different. If you are mobility impaired we can tailor a tour specifically for you.


Are the designers paying you?

No. We only profit from ticket sales. We don’t accept commission from designers because we don’t want to be under any pressure to pressure you. That’s no fun for anyone. Any style advice we give is honest and objective.

Do you do a men’s tour?

Yes we do! Both men and women are welcome to explore Melbourne’s wide variety of independently made menswear and accessories.

What about the weather? Is my tour guaranteed to run?

Hey, it’s Melbourne! It’s four seasons in one day here. We always prepare for all weather changes and will only postpone a tour if the weather is forecast to be dangerous. This is extremely unlikely.

Are dietary requirements catered for?

Yes. We have a few of our own too. You just need to tell us so we can have you catered for properly.

If I purchase items how do I pay?

PLEASE NOTE: Any purchases you make are considered to be transactions between you and a designer only (just like regular shopping). We do not involve ourselves in any purchasing transactions and do not take responsibility for your purchases. We advise you on personal style only.